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Open source library for SPI/I2C control via FTDI chips - devttys0/libmpsse. The Multi Protocol Synchronous Serial Engine (MPSSE) is generic hardware found in several FTDI chips that allows these chips to communicate with a. This application note is a guide to using the libMPSSE-SPI – a library which simplifies the design of firmware for interfacing to the FTDI MPSSE.

Libmpsse is a library for interfacing with SPI/I2C devices via FTDI's FT family of USB chips. Based around the libftdi library, it is written in. libmpsse pip install libmpsse. Copy PIP instructions. Latest version. Last released: May 3, Library to interface with SPI/I2C via. FTDI. Like the libMPSSE-I2C and libMPSSE-SPI libraries, this library builds on the libFTDI library and provides a simpler interface for I2C and SPI protocols using the.

Download libmpsse packages for ALTLinux, FreeBSD. The I2C bus is half duplex. It is thought that it is not necessary to distinguish read thread from write thread. FT_IO_ERROR is a data transfer.